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Q: Who was on the roster 92-93 phoenix suns team?
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What is arizonas NBA team?

Phoenix Suns

Why the Mercury are called Phoenix Mercury?

its the sister team of the Phoenix Suns

Why is the team called Phoenix suns?

In 1968 there was a contest for which name the phoenix team would have on April 25th of 1968 the phoenix suns was selected,the winner was named Selinda Mary King

What is the name of the Arizona basketball team?

phoenix suns

When was the phoenix suns best team in the west?


How many world series does the Phoenix Suns have?

none the suns are a basketball team The diamondbacks have one

What NBA team is Shaquille currently plying for?

Phoenix Suns

Is there a NBA team called sun fly?

No but there is The Phoenix Suns

What year did the Phoenix suns start playing in the NBA?

1968 as an expansion team. The NBA expanded in 1968 adding the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks

What was the second NBA team that Dennis Johnson played for?

The Phoenix Suns

Are the Phoenix Suns the best team in the NBA?

No, they are not (as of the 2010-2011 season).

What team swept the San Antonio Spurs in playoffs?

Phoenix Suns