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Well there were many players on that team that have either retired or in the farm system (MiLB), but the starters were C-Benji Molina 1B-Scott Spiezo 2B-Adam Kennedy SS-David Eckstein 3B-Troy Glaus RF-Tim Salmon CF-Darin Erstad LF-Garret Anderson The DH for the Angels was most of the time Brad Fullmer. There were five starters, but Kevin Appier was the Ace for the 2002 Anaheim Angels team and the other four starters were Ramon Ortiz, Dennis Cook, John Lackey and Jarred Washburn, there were many relief pitchers, but the two main ones for them were Brendon Donnely and Francisco Rodriguez and there closer was Troy Percival. As of the end of the 2008 season only five players from the 2002 team remain on this team and they are Chone Figgins, Garret Anderson, Scott Shields, Franciso Rodriguez and John Lackey.

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Primary starters were Kevin Appier, John Lackey, Ramon Ortiz, Aaron Sele, and Jarrod Washburn. They started 140 of the 162 regular season games played by the Angels.

Spot starters were Mickey Callaway, Scot Shields, and Scott Schoeneweis. Shields and Schoeneweis were primarily relievers.

The closer was Troy Percival who had 40 saves.

Relievers were Dennis Cook, Brendan Donnelly, Alan Levine, Ben Pote, and Ben Weber.

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Q: Who was on the 2002 angels World Series team?
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