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Christian Laettner

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Q: Who was on the 1992 UK roster in basketball?
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What was the UK basketball roster in 1968?

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Who was on the 1992 Michigan state basketball roster?

Jalen Rose Chris Weber

Who was on the men's basketball roster at UK in 83-84?

Kenny "sky" walker

Who was on the 1992 Michigan basketball roster?

The 1992 Michigan basketball team had the infamous "Fab Five" on it. They were: Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Jimmy King, Ray Jackson, and Juwan Howard.

Who was on the 1998 Arizona mens basketball roster?

Who was on the 1998 Arizona mens basketball roster?

Where can I find the Ohio State football roster from 1992?

where can i find the 1992 roster

What was the 1992 roster for the Olympics basketball Dream Team?

1992 U.S. men's Olympic basketball team:Charles BarkleyLarry BirdClyde DrexlerPatrick EwingMagic JohnsonMichael JordanChristian LaettnerKarl MaloneChris MullinScottie PippenDavid RobinsonJohn Stockton

What are the release dates for NCAA Basketball - 1992 VG?

NCAA Basketball - 1992 VG was released on: Japan: 19 June 1992 USA: October 1992 UK: 22 July 1993

Who was on the Youngstown pride basketball roster?

they was a pro basketball team

Where can I find the 1992 Alabama football roster?

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Who was on the 1992 Ohio State basketball roster?

There were many notable players on the 1992 Ohio State Buckeyes basketball team. These players include Jim Jackson, Chris Jent, Mark Baker, L. Funderburke, Jamaal Brown and Jamie Skelton.

What was the Cincinnati bearcat basketball roster for 1992?

nick van exel was the star, Anthony buford, corie blount and Jeff Scott were other notables

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