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G - Richie Farmer (Sr)

G - Sean Woods (Sr)

F - Deron Feldhaus (Sr)

F - Jamal Mashburn (So)

F - John Pelphrey (Sr)


F - Gimel Martinez (So)

F - Aminu Timberlake (Fr)

G - Dale Brown (Jr)

G - Travis Ford (So)

G - Carlos Toomer (So)

G - Nehemiah Braddy (Jr)

G - Chris Harrison (Fr)

C - Andre Riddick (Fr)


G - Jeff Brassow (Jr)

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Jack Givens

Kyle Macy

Rick Robey

Mike Phillips

James Lee

g) Kyle Macy

g) Truman Claytor

f) Jack Givens

f) Rick Robey

c) Mike Phillips

6th) James Lee

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For the 2009-2010 season, the starting 5 for UK Basketball team are:

Guard: John Wall, Freshmen

Guard: Eric Bledsoe, Freshmen

Forward: Patrick Patterson, Junior

Forward: Demarcus Cousins, Freshmen

Forward: Darius Miller, Sophmore

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Anthony Epps, Tony Delk, Derek Anderson, Antoine Walker, and Walter McCarty

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Q: Who was on the 1990 University of Kentucky men's basketball team roster?
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Your moms cat

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