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Patrick Ewing, David Wingate, Bill Martin, Reggie Williams, Michael Jackson, Horace Broadnax, Perry McDonald, Ralph Dalton, Grady Mateen, Ronnie Highsmith, Kevin Floyd, Tyrone Lockhart They averaged 74.3 PPG.

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1984-1985 Georgetown roster

10 Perry McDonald, Forward/Guard

12 Kevin Floyd, Guard

24 Bill Martin, Guard

30 Michael Jackson, Guard

32 Horace Broadnax, Guard

33 Patrick Ewing, Center

34 Reggie Williams, Forward

40 David Wingate, Forward

41 Tyrone Lockhart, Guard

44 Ronnie Highsmith, Forward

51 Grady Mateen, Center

52 Ralph Dalton, Center

Head coach: John Thompson

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Q: Who was on the 1985 georgetown hoyas roster?
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