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Jeremiah Castille, Mike Pitts, and Tommy Wilcox.

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Q: Who was on the 1983 University of Alabama football team?
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Is the Alabama crimson tides a college football team?

Crimson Tide. Yes, the University of Alabama's football team nickname and the team colors.

Who is better Alabama or Tennessee?

The University of Alabama football team has won more national championships than the University of Tennessee.

What is the most major sports team in Alabama?

Auburn University Football

Roster for the 1961 university of Alabama football team?

National Champions

Did the university of Alabama football team ever play at Birmingham?


Why are players from the university of Alabama football team in prison?

Because they are the Criminal Tide

Who is the best football team in Alabama?

this one is a no brainer Auburn University

Which university does the Razorback football team represent?

The Razorback's are from the University of Arkansas. A member of the southeastern conference west division, they are a usual whipping team of the University of Alabama.

What are the college football teams in Alabama?

UAB auburn university university of alabama university of north alabama jacksonville state university samford university university of west alabama troy university birmingham southern college university of south alabama faulkner university huntingdon college AUM- Auburn University Montgomery (if you wanted to know)Also Virginia College

How many national championships has alabama's football team had?

The university claims 8 national championships.

Who is number 21 on university of alabama's football team for 2009?

Dre Kirkpatric a defensive back

What has the author Kenneth Gaddy written?

Kenneth Gaddy has written: 'Twelve and counting' -- subject(s): Alabama Crimson Tide (Football team), Football, History, University of Alabama