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Lew Alcindor's first year on the vrsity, the UCLA Freshman Basketball Squad was Al Camarillo, Andy Daggatt, John Ecker, Dick Glucksman, Fred Gray, Vytas Katilius, Phiol Klein, Steve Patterson, Bill Seibert, Bob Simon and Lee Walzcuk. The team went on to a 16 and 2 season, coached by Gary Cunningham and Jay Carty. Has the distinction of being the first UCLA basketball team to lose a game in Pauley Pavillion, but after that won 15 in a row. These plyers went on to Varsity the following year: John Ecker, Fred Gray, Steve Paterson, Bill Seibert and Lee Walzcuk. Some that did not go on played on an intramural record breaking team of ex Freshaman players called Gary's Wonders in honor of their Freshman coach .. the original team name that was not used because of poor taste was Wooden's Rejects ....

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Name Pos Class Pts Reb
Darrall Imhoff C SR 13.7 12.4
Bill McClintock F JR 12.0 9.6
Tandy Gillis F SR 9.6 4.5
Earl Schultz G JR 9.4 3.7
Dick Doughty C SR 5.6 3.9
Bob Wendell G JR 4.9 2.8
Dave Stafford F JR 3.7 2.0
Jerry Mann G SR 3.0 1.2
Stan Morrison F/C JR 1.0 1.5
Ed Pearson G JR 0.4 0.5

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denny fitzpatrick, al buch, earl schulz, dick doughty, dave stafford, bill mcclintock, stan morrison, darral imhoff, tandy gillis

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Q: Who was on the 1966 UCLA Basketball Freshman Roster?
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