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There were no Winter Olympic Games in 1950s!

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Q: Who was on the 1950 Canadian Olympic hockey team?
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What Olympic Team did Wayne Gretzky Coach?

He didn't coach any team. He was the general manager of sorts and assembled both the 2002 Olympic Canadian men's ice hockey team and the 2006 Olympic Canadian men's ice hockey team.

How many times have a women's Canadian hockey team won a Olympic gold?


Who was the captain of the Canadian olympic hockey team?

In the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver the Team Canada captain was veteran Scott Neidermayer

Didn't Paul Brandt do a parody of Genuine Canadian Man as a tribute to the 2010 olympic hockey team?

YES! Team Canada

How many people on an olympic hockey team?

An Olympic field hockey team has a roster of sixteen players.

Which NHL teams had the most players on the 2010 Canadian Olympic Hockey team?

San Jose Sharks (4).

Canada hockey team what does it mean?

Canada hockey team means it is a Canadian hockey team.

What is the highest score in sport history?

it was 18 goals in hockey by the Canadian womens olympic hockey team. so many goals... so little quarters

How many times has the Canadian's women hockey team won gold medals?

To date, they have 2 Olympic gold medals.

How many hockey players on the Canada Olympic team play in the NHL?

Every member of the 2010 Canadian Olympic Men's Ice Hockey team currently plays for an NHL team. For more on the roster, check out:'s_team_rosters#.C2.A0Canada

What is the best Canadian hockey team?

Canadian Montreals

What are the names of Canadian hockey team?

there are a few different canadian ice hockey teams

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