Who was on the 1883 Phillies?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Alonzo Breitenstein

John Coleman

Art Hagan

Hardie Henderson

Charlie Hilsey

Edgar Smith


Emil Gross

Frank Ringo

Abe Wolstenholme


Art Benedict

Sid Farrar

Bob Ferguson

Buck Gladmon

Charlie Kelly

Bill McClellan

Joe Mulvey

Jim Pirie

Blondie Purcell

Piggy Ward

Fred Warner

Bill White


Conny Doyle

Bill Gallagher

Bill Harbridge

John Kelly

Fred Lewis

Jack Manning

Jack Neagle

Charlie Waitt

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Q: Who was on the 1883 Phillies?
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What year were the Phillies created?

The Phillies first season in MLB was 1883. They were known as the Quakers. The name was changed to Phillies in 1890.

When were the Phillies invented?


When was Philadelphia Phillies created?

Philadelphia Phillies was created in 1883.

When were the Philadelphia Phillies established?


What year were the Phillies established?


When were the phillies formed?

1883 national league

When did the philadelphia phillies first play?


Philadelphia Phillies when did they first come out as a team?


What year did the Phillies start playing?

They Started in 1883

What league do the phillies play in?

The National League, as they have since 1883.

When were the Phillies a team?

How do you mean? Are you trying to ask when were they originated? 1883.

What was the Philadelphia team first called when it formed in 1883?

Philadelphia Quakers of 1883The Philadelphia Phillies franchise started in 1883 as the Quakers.