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Q: Who was norwich city's first million pound player?
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Who was the first 5 million pound football player?

chris sutton blackburn rovers from norwich

Who was britain's first million pound footballer?

Trevor Francis was the first to be transferred for £1m from Birmingham to Norwich

Who was the first million pound football player?

Trevor francis was sold by Birmingham city to norwich for a fee of £1,000,000. He was the first £1,000,000 player It was to Nottingham Forest (managed by Brian Clough), not Norwich and the official fee was actually £999,999 because Clough did not want the £1 million tag to get to Trevors head but after taxes the total amount came to just over £1.1 million.

Who was the first major league baseball player to hit a home run?

In 1871, Ezra Sutton of the Cleveland Forest Citys was the first MLB player to hit a home run.

When was norwich castle first built?

Norwich Castle was built in 1067.

Who was the first NFL player to sign a million dollar contract?

The first player in the NFL to have a base salary of $1 million was Bruce Matthews, who played for the Houston Oilers. The first NFL player to have a signing bonus of $1 million was Johnny Lam Jones who played for the New York Jets.

Who was first two million pound player?

It was Paul Gazza. The first two million pound goalkeeper is Nigel Martin.

Who was English football's first one million pound player?

English footballs first 1 million pound player was Trevor Fransis, signed by brian clough for Nottingham forest.

Was Trevor Francis the first player to have a 1 million pounds transfer in football history?

He was the first £1million player in England.

What was Austin citys first name?

Stephen you dolt

Who was the first to build citys in ancient china?

It was the Xia

Who was the first major league baseball player to make one million in one season?

Nolan Ryan was the first player to earn an annual salary above $1 million, signing a $4.5 million, 4-year contract with the Houston Astros in 1979.

When does hollister open in norwich?

The first week of December!!

Who was the worlds first two million pound player?


Who was the first women player in tennis to earn a million dollars?

Chris Evert

First million dollar basketball player?

Michael Jordan

Who was Britain's first 1 million player?

trevor francis

Who was Sunderland's first million pound player?

alex rar

Who was the worlds first million pound player?

Harry Thomas

Who was the first 1.5 million pound player?

cristiano ronaldo

Who was the first black million pound player?

Justin Fashanu

Who was the first three million pound player?

This is currently impossible.

What US sport first paid a million dollar salary and who was the player?

may not be

Who was the first black player to score a premiership hat trick?

Efan Ekoku was born in England grew up in Nigeria. He scored his first hat trick for Norwich City against Everton on September 25, 1993.

Who was the first association football player to earn a million pounds?

Trevor Francis - was first 1 million pound transfer in 1978.. Not So!! Giuseppe Savoldi had been the world's first £1m player when he moved from Bologna to Napoli for £1.2m in 1975