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Aston Villa beat Bayern Munich 1-0 to win the European Cup. Peter Withe scored the winner. Tony Barton was the winning manager.

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Q: Who was manger when Aston villa won European cup what was the team who scored goal?
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Who scored the goals in the 1957 FA Cup final for Aston Villa?

The best I could find was Peter McParland who scored both goals for Aston Villa.

What is Aston villa's manger called?

As at 30-Dec-2009 = Martin O'Neil.

Which players have scored for both Aston Villa and Birmingham City?

They are Emile Heskey and.

Which senegalese player scored on debut for Newcastle against Aston villa?

Papiss Demba Cisse scored in his debut for Newcastle against Aston Villa. That precisely was his first match for Newcastle and after the 2012 African Cup of Nations.

Which European club team has the ugliest uniforms?

Aston Villa

What Premiership player has scored the most goals against Aston Villa?

steven gerrard

Which Aston villa striker has scored over 100 premier goals?

Wayne Rooney

How many goals has thierry Henry scored against Aston Villa?

2 goals

How many league goals have Aston Villa scored?

49, 48 by emile heskey

Who are the English teams to win the European cup?

Liverpool, Celtic, Man Utd, Notts Forest, Aston Villa

How many goals have Birmingham City scored against Aston Villa?

100 in 3 years

Who has scored the highest number of own goals in the premier league?

Richard Dunne of Aston villa