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The last time Real Madrid won the Champions League, it was in 2014. Their manager was Carlo Ancelotti.

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Q: Who was manager the last time real madrid won the champoins league?
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Who was the last real Madrid manager to win the champions league?

Jupp Heynckes

Who was the coach of Real Madrid when they won their last champions league in 2001?

Vincente Del Bosque was the Manager/coach of real madrid when they won the Champions League in 2001. It was his first title as manager.

Who was manager of real Madrid when they last won the champions league?

Vincente del Bosque

When was there fast champions league?

The last Champions league finished in the year 2014. Real Madrid defeated Atletico Madrid to win the trophy.

When did real Madrid last win in Germany champions league match?

Real Madrid is in Spain not Germany.

When was the last time there was not a british team in the champions league?

That was very recently!. Infact the last time there werent any English teams in the Champions League final was in 2014 when it was contested by Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

How many penalty been given to real Madrid in the last league?


Which city and stadium hosted the last champion league?

Santiago barnabou, Madrid

When was the last time real Madrid won the champions league cup?


What football club won the europa league last season?

Athletico Madrid

Which club was the last to receive the original version of the UEFA Champions league trophy?

real Madrid

Which Real Madrid Manager Signed Steve McManaman?

He was guus hiddink's last signing before he wa sacked