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Q: Who was liverpools sponsor before candy?
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Who was liverpools shirt sponsor before carlsberg?

Before Carlsberg it was candy

What is Liverpools dialect?


Who sponsor Chelsea before Samsung?

Chelsea's shirt sponsor before Samsung was Emirates, using the styling "Fly Emirates".

What ship did the flag pole on liverpools kop come from on liverpools spion kop?

Great Eeastern Great Eeastern

Who was Liverpools 1989 fa cup winning captain?

Liverpools 1989 fa cup winning captain was Ronnie Whelan.

What is liverpools mission statement?

To Win

Who was liverpools most cheapest signing?

my mum

What the name of liverpools MP?

Steve rotheram

What is liverpools football stadum called?


What is liverpools mangers name?

Rafa Benitez

Who is Liverpools best player now?

Jamie Robinson is liverpools all time top scorer and highly ranked in Liverpool F.c.s history books...

Who was liverpools best 70s player?

bill shankling