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Bill Terry of the New York Giants with .401 in 1930.

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Q: Who was last player prior to ted Williams to hit 400?
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Who was the last baseball player to hit 400 in a season?

Ted Williams

The last Red Sox player to have a 400 batting average?

Ted Williams

What Red Sox player was the last to have at least a 400 batting average?

The last Boston Red Sox player to bat .400 or more was Ted Williams in 1941.

Who was the last player in MLB to finish the season with a over 400 batting average?

The last batter to hit over .400 was Ted Williams.

What is Ted Williams Famous for?

He was the last ball player to bat .400 for an entire season, the mark was .406.

Last person to bat 400 in the major leagues?

If you mean the last person to bat over .400, then the answer is Ted Williams.

Who was the last player in Major league baseball to have batting average over 400 for the season?

ty cobbCorrect answer:Ty Cobb last hit .400 in 1922, George Sisler and Roger Hornsby also hit .400 that year. The last player to hit .400 was Ted Williams in 1941 with a .406 average

What famous baseball player's body was frozen?

Theodore Samuel Williams, better known as ( Ted) Williams, the last man to bat .400, actually .406.

Who was the last Major League Baseball player to hit 400?

The last player was Ted Williams who hit .407 in 1953. Williams also hit .400 in 1952 and .406 in 1941. And despite that, he also missed five of his prime years during World War II.This answer is not only INCORRECT, it is also misleading!By the logic here, David Ortiz was the last MLB player to hit .400 in the 2013 world series!Williams hit .400 in 1952 IN SIX GAMES! In 1953 he played in 37 GAMES!Hideki Matsui hit .615 in 6 games in 2009 and Big Papi hit .688 in six games this year!The last MLB player to hit .400 for a full season was Ted "Teddy Ballgame" Williams in 1941 when he hit .406.The last National League player to hit .400 was "Memphis" Bill Terry who hit .401 in 1930.

What baseball records does ted Williams still hold?

Ted Williams still holds the record as the last Major League player to hit .400 in a season. In 1941, he ended the season with a .406. No one has hit .400 since.

Who was last man to bat 400?

Ted Williams hit for an average of .406 in 1941 for the Boston Red Sox.

Last 400 average hitter?

Ted Williams hit .406 in 1941. However, some people say the last .400 hitter was Artie Wilson of the Negro leagues' Birmingham Black Baron. Wilson hit .402 in 1948.

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