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Andre Agassi

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Q: Who was last American male to win the French Open?
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Who was the first American male player to win the French Open?

Donald Budge

Who was the last American male to win a tennis major?

Andy Roddick The champion of 2003 US OPEN

What is 'American' when translated from English to French?

"American" in English is américain for a male and américaine for a female in French.

Is Rollon a french last name?

It is a rare French last name - but it is also a male first name.

Who win male French Open singl2010?

Rafael Nadal

Can you cross a female french bulldog with a male American bulldog?

No you can not

Which male tennis player has won the most French Open titles?

In the modern era, Bjorn Borg has won 6 French Open singles titles.

Who is the worlds number one male tennis player after French Open 2010?

roger fedderer....with liitle point diffrnce from nadal(if he won French OPEN 2010 )

How were the results of the American Revolution and the French Revolution different?

The French revolutionaries focused on equality for all, whereas the American revolutionaries focused on enhancing the status of white, male landowners.

Who were the youngest male and female players to win the French Open?

Men - Michael ChangWomen - Monica Seles

What percentage of White male Americans are open to dating interracially with a black woman?

It is estimated 52% of Caucasian-American men are open to it.

How do you say -'I am an American' - in French?

Je suis un Américain. = I am an American (male).Je suis une Américaine. = I am an American (female)Informal/familiar:Tu es un Américain. = You are an American (male).Tu es une Américaine. = You are an American (female).Formal:Vous êtes un Américain. = You are an American (male).Vous êtes une Américaine. = You are an American (female).

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