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i dont knewo

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Q: Who was in honor in the festival for woman In the Ancient Olympics?
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Woman olympic festival in honor of?


Were man and woman both allowed to compete in the Ancient Greek Olympics?

only men were, but the heraia festival (celebrating hera) was only for women

What women wore in ancient Olympics?

Woman did not compeate in ancient olympics only men did and they did not know what to where so the wore nothing!

Were woman aloud to watch the ancient Olympics in Greece?


What are the punishments if a woman was found dressed as a man in the Olympics?

If you are talking about the ancient Olympics she was beaten to death.

What was the penalty for woman who attend the Ancient Olympics as spectators?

thrown off a cliff

What else happened at the time of the ancient Olympics?

the spartan woman were allowed to compeat.

Did a woman win the ancient Greek Olympics?

No, they weren't even allowed to enter.

Why were women not allowed to participate in the Olympics?

Woman were forbiden to participate in the ancient Olympics as It was believed that the Roman gods though more highly of the male sex, It was though man was stronger. As they didn't want to offend their gods and because the Olympics was also a mainly religious feat woman weren't even allowed to veiw the games. Instead a sperate festival was held in honor of Zeus's wife Hera, where woman could have their own games.==============It was a Greek festival, not Roman.The original Olympics (like some other Greek games) were a religious observance in which the participants made an offering to Zeus of a military virtue called agon. Women weren't warriors, so they didn't have agon.

Where woman allowed to watch the olympics in the ancient greek?

No women were not allowed to take part in the ancient Olympics , started in Athens by the Greeks. No women were not allowed to take part in the ancient Olympics , started in Athens by the Greeks. and they get burned and have to stay in the house for days

What would happen to a married woman watching the ancient Olympics?

They could possible be killed trying to get in.

Were woman allowed in the ancient olympics?

Women were not allowed to participate in the ancient Olympic games. The Olympic games were a platform for men to show their strength.

What is the only way a woman can compete in the ancient Olympics?

Masquerading as a man, which would be difficult an athletes competed naked.

When was Woman's Honor created?

Woman's Honor was created on 1913-04-12.

What best describes a woman's role in Iraqi culture?

A woman's honor is families honor

What is feminine of maid of honor?

A Maid of Honor is a single young woman and a Matron of Honor is a young married woman.

What was the penalty for women who attended the ancient Olympics as spectators?

The punishment for a woman attending the Olympics was to be thrown off mount Typaeum.This is not a fake answer

Is a maid of honor a woman or a man?


Is there woman's lacrosse in the Olympics?

No there is currently no lacrosse in the Olympics.

Who particapated in the ancient Olympics at the marathon in ancient Greece?

Any free, greek man. if a married woman tried to come, she'd be killed. unmarried girls also had their own race.

Who was the first woman to witness the olympic games?

While only men were allowed o compete, all could watch even the ancient olympics. Who was first woman can't be determined.

Why were woman not allowed to have anything to do with the ancient Olympics?

Women were not equal to men. Greek women had a fair amount of freedom in their time, but they still were not equal.

What best describes the relationship of Iraqi women to family honor?

A woman's honor is family honor

Who is the First Indian woman to win bronze medal in Olympics?

Karman Malleswari was the first Indian woman to win a bronze medal in the Olympics when she medalled in the Women's 69kg category in Weightlifting at the Sydney Olympics and she is still the only Indian Woman to medal at an Olympics.

What are the release dates for A Woman's Honor - 1915?

A Woman's Honor - 1915 was released on: USA: October 1915