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Q: Who was hull city's first million pound signing?
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Who was the first 3 million pound signing in English football?


What year was the first 1 million pound football signing?

trevor francis. 1979

Who was Glasgow rangers first 1 million pound signing?

trevor steven July 1989 £1,525,000 from everton

Who was Newcastle United first million pound signing?

Darren Bent is the most record signing for sunderland.he was signed for £10m from tottenham

Who was Man Utd first signing who still plays today?

Who Was Man United first million pound signing

Can rugby players be classified as valauble assets?

Absolutely. There are rumours in the world of Rugby Union that Mike Phillips of Wales and Ospreys is being head hunted by another European team and could be the first million pound signing

Who was the worlds first two million pound player?


Who wasThe first million pound foreign footballer?

Your mother

Who was the first three million pound player?

This is currently impossible.

Who was the first one million pound transfer to Liverpool?


Britain's first 1 million pound player?

trevor francis

Was trevor francis the first million pound transfer in 1971?

Yes he was.