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Hulk Hogan was wwf world champion in 1984. bob backlund has the longest reign of over 6 years

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Q: Who was heavywieght champion 1984?
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Who is the world heavywieght champion in the WWE?


Who was the first African heavyweight champion?

who was the first Afican heavywieght champion

Who won the world heavywieght champion?

cm punk

Who was the 1968 heavyweight boxing champion in the Olympics?

who was the olympic heavywieght boxing chapion in 1968 who was the olympic heavywieght boxing chapion in 1968

Who Is current Heavywieght boxing champion?

Wladimir Klitschko & viltally Klitschko

Is Kane a champion?

august 25th 2010 ) currently world heavywieght champ

Who was World heavywieght boxing champion in 1937?

Joe Louis beat champion James Braddock in June 1937 for the title.

Who is the winner of WWE world heavywieght champion on elamination chamber 2012?

cm punk

Who was the heavywieght boxing champion in 1974?

george foreman before he lost his title to ali in zaire

Who is the most times world heavywieght champion in WWE?

Edge is 7 time World Heavyweight Champion. That makes him the man who has won most World Heavyweight Champions.

Did Jon Jones win at UFC 140?

yes Jon Jones did win Machida for the ufc light heavywieght champion t

Was the boxer max baier?

No. The boxer was Max Bare, heavywieght champion in the thirdies and father of Max Baer jr, Jethro Bodine of the Beverly hillbillies.

Who has the more win for the WWE world heavyweight championship?

Triple h does he has 5 regins as world heavywieght champion....edge come in to second with 4.

When did Urban Champion happen?

Urban Champion happened in 1984.

When was Champion Boxing created?

Champion Boxing was created in 1984.

Who is the current heavyweight champion?

There is no true heavy weight champion, since the introduction of new championship belts. WBA, WBC, IBF etc etc. the only way to tell if there is a true champion would be for a boxer to win all of the current belts, but as there are so many, there is a slim chance of that happening. There are the best pound-for-pound fighters, these fighters can range from all divisions eg. bantamwieght and flywieght all the way to heavywieght. although these fighters are usually in the middlewieght division. Back to the question, like I said there would be no true champion unless a single heavywieght fighter collects all of the current belts. The WBC and WBA are considred the most presticious of all the belts, the current holders of these belts are:David Haye(Britain), who is the current WBA heavywieght champion and the current WBC champion is Vitali Klitschiko(Ukrain).

When was Urban Champion created?

Urban Champion was created on 1984-11-14.

When was Zac Champion born?

Zac Champion was born on 1984-06-29.

Who was the French football champions 1984?

The French football champion in 1984 was Bordeaux.

Was Mike Tyson the first black boxer ever?

If you mean "First black heavywieght champion", then no, that accolade goes to Jack Johnson who won the world heavyweight title on December 26, 1908.

Who won womens title in 1984?

Martina Navratilova was the womens single champion in 1984

How Many tittles has undertaker won?

19-0 WrestleMani,eight-time world heavyweight champion,four -time WWf/E champion, one-time USWA Unified World heavywieght champion, one-time WWf Hard core champion,seven-time World tag team champion, six-time WWf tag team champion,one-time WcW world tag team champion 2007 Royal Rumble winner first man to win the rumble at number 30.

What are the ratings and certificates for V - 1984 The Champion 1-14?

V - 1984 The Champion 1-14 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:13 USA:TV-PG

Who did ali fight when he won his first heavywieght?

sonny liston

Who did hulk hogan bean in 1984 to become world champion?

The Iron Sheikh.