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The first player sold for 2 million pounds, was the Dutch footballer Johan Cruiff from Ajax to Barcelona in Spain.

Johan Cruyff was tranferred from Ajax to Barcelona in 1973 for six million dutch guilder which at the time worked out at approxmately US$2 million or £922,000. Mark Hughes was sold to Barcelona for £2 million in 1986. But before Hughes transfer Diego Maradona left Boca Juniors for Barcelona in 1982 for £3million and then from Barcelona to Napoli in 1984 for £5 million. The first £2 million pound transfer between English clubs was Paul Gascoigne from Newcastle to Spurs

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It was Paul Gazza. The first two million pound goalkeeper is Nigel Martin.

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trevor francis

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I think it was Steve Daly.

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Q: Who was first two million pound player?
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