Who was englands last captain?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Steve Borthwick is the current England Rugby union captain, as of 2010 Six Nations.

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Q: Who was englands last captain?
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When did steven Gerrard come captine?

The question is not clear, is it Englands captain or Liverpools captain. he became Englands captain , after Terry lost it after having a affair.

Who is the captain of englands cricket team?

Andrew Strauss

Who is the englan team football captain?

Rio Ferdinand is englands football team captain!

Present Englands Cricket team captain?

Andrew Strauss.

Who is englands world cup captain 2010?

steven Gerrard

Who is englands football captin today?

fabio cappelo Fabio Cappelo is not the captain, he is the head coach/manager. In their last game, due to injuries, Steven Gerrard captained the side.

Who was englands captain before Steve Borthwick?

During 2007 World Cup and in 2008-Phil Vickery

Who was the first professional cricketer to captain englands test team?

Kevin piterson's father.

Who was the 2003 rugby world cup captain?

englands captain was martin Johnson and Australia's was george gregan

The last 5 captains of englands ashes winning teams?

Strauss gatting brearley illingworth hutton

What was New Englands economy?

englands economy is weens

What is Captain Cook's last name?

Captain Cook's last name was Cook. His full name (after promotion) was Captain James Cook.