Who was don bradmans wife?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Don Bradman's first son, born in 1936, died as an infant. His second son, named John, was born in 1939, and his daughter, Shirley, was born in 1941.

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Daughter - Shirley and Son - John

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Q: Who was don bradmans wife?
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What was Don Bradmans height?

he is about 229cm tall

What is don bradmans biggest achievement?

Don bradman has highest average in test cricket. It was almost 100!!

Don bradmans quickest centriey?

you dont spell century like this centriey you spell it like this century

Who took don bradmans wicket more often than any other bowler?

Shahid Afridi...(by biting the ball)

What are Sir Donald Bradmans Achievements?

sir Donald bradaman is one of the best crickest in Australia he is also known as don

Who is don omar's wife?

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What was don bradmans highest test score?

334 against England in the 3rd test played at Headingley in 1930. It was then the highest ever score in a test.

Was Don bradmans grandparents name bramdan?

No their name was Bradnam and ran a pub (The White Horse) in the Suffolk village of Withersfield. You can check their history in the said pub now with the current landlord.

What was Donald bradmans batting average?

It was 99.94

How much for Don Bradmans autograph on a 1948 Derbyshire CCC Scorecard?

i think it would probably be around 150-250 pounds. if its in bad condition then price will drop alot! hope this helps

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What were the names of Donald bradmans children?

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