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John O'Hara.

O'Hara was the head football coach between 1983-1989.

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Q: Who was coach of southwest Texas state in 1984?
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Who was San Jose state football coach in 1984?

William Ernest "Bill" Walsh.

Who was the last football coach at Wichita State?

That was Ron Chismar who was head coach from 1984-1986. His three season record was 8-25.

What schools did Jimmy Johnson coach?

Oklahoma State University from 1979-1983 and the University of Miami from 1984-1988.

Who was the Walter Camp Coach of the Year in 1984?

In 1984, Joe Morrison of South Carolina was the Walter Camp Coach of the Year.

Who was lsu coach in 1984?


Has penn state ever played Texas in football?

As of the 2008 season, Penn State and Texas have met five times in football with Penn State winning three games and Texas winning twice. 1972: Penn State 30, Texas 6 (Cotton Bowl) 1984: Texas 28, Penn State 3 1989: Penn State 16, Texas 12 1990: Texas 17, Penn State 13 1997: Penn State 38, Texas 15 (Fiesta Bowl)

Who was the Tiger's head coach in 1984?

no one did it

Who is Oklahoma State's winningest football coach?

The Oklahoma State football coach with the most wins is Pat Jones who was head coach between 1984-1994. His 11 season record was 62-60-3. Jim Lookabauth is second at 60-49-6 in 12 seasons (1938-1949).

Who was the 1984 head coach of the vikings?

Les Steckel was the head coach after Bud Grant retired

Who was the Chicago Bulls coach in 1984?

Kevin Loughery.

Who won the College World Series in 1984?

Cal State Fullerton beat Texas 3-1 in the Finals.

Who coached the Philadelphia Eagles in 1984?

In 1984, Marion Campbell was the head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles.

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