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Q: Who was called the red devils first Manchester united or Crawley town?
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What is the name of the Manchester united soccer team?

The Manchester team is called The Red Devils.

Are Manchester United also called the Red Devils?


What is manchester united's nick name?

Manchester United are well known as the Red Devils.

What soccer is called the red devils?

Manchester United Football club is known as the red devils. They are from Manchester in the UK. They play in the Barclays Premier League.

What is Manchester United's nickname?

Manchester United are well known as the Red Devils.

What is the nick name of Manchester United?

Manchester United's nickname is "The Red Devils".

Why did Man Utd dub themselves Red Devils?

Manchester United are called the Red devils because they wear red jerseys and red shorts.

Does Manchester united have a nik name?

The Red Devils

Manchester united is often reffered as?

The Red Devils

What was earlier name of Manchester united club?

Red Devils

Which English soccer team is nicknamed the red devils?

Its Manchester United

Was Manchester united called newton heath?

yes Manchester united used to be called newton heath in the 1800's.