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rahul dravid

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Q: Who was bold out the most times in test cricket?
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Who became the victim of Nervous-90s most the times in the history of Test Cricket?

Michael Slater of Australia became the victim of 'Nervous-90s' most the times (9 times) in the Test Cricket Matches.

Who is 3rd highest batsmen bold in test cricket?

Ricky Pointing

Who has bagged most 'Man of the Match' awards in the Test Cricket?

Jacques Kallis has bagged the most 'Man of the Match' award In test cricket 23 Times in 162 matches.

Who has the most scores of 99 in test cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar has the most scores of 99 in test cricket.

Who has taken most wickets in the Test Cricket?

Mutthaih Muralidharan has taken most wickets (800) in the Test Cricket.

Which country has the most number of test playing cricket grounds?

The country england have the most test cricket grounds

Who hit most six in a over in test cricket?

Ravi Shastri hit the most six in a over in test cricket.

Who for Australia has scored the most 99's in test cricket?

Michael Slater has scored the most 99s in test cricket for Australia.

How many times Shane Warne took 5 wickets in an innings in Test Cricket?

Shane Warne has taken 5 wickets 37 times in an inning of Test Cricket.

Which team won the most ODI and test matches in cricket?

Australia has won the most numbers of ODI matches, 447 and test cricket, 332.

Which player has most double centuries in Test cricket?

Australian legend Donald Bradman has the most double centuries in test cricket. ash diu

Who scord most hundreds and fifties in test cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar scored 42 centuries in test cricket which is the highest.

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