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No doubt Maradona.

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Q: Who was better maradona or retired ronaldo football player?
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Who is better christiano ronaldo or maradona?

maradona is way better

Maradona in 1986 and Ronaldo fenomeno in 1998 who is better?

They are both great players and i think maradona and ronaldo are the same what do u think ? go on youtube and look at ronaldo clips

Who is better of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo or messi?

zidane, pele, and maradona

Who is better cronaldo or maradona?

Personal opinion really, but I would imagine Ronaldo, his career has not been filled with as much disgrace as Maradona's.

Who is better at football Brazilian Ronaldo or portages Ronaldo?

Brazilian Ronaldo is better because he is fat and still kicks ass at soccer.

Is maradona the best football player in the world?

No! Maradona is not the best footballer in the world it was Pele he was great he could play in all positions he was a much better play then Maradona but Maradona is still a great player.

Is messi beter than ronaldo?

well messi is better because he scored 101 by ronaldo scored 89 by maradona scored 77 the better one was messi yh and messi dribbles and does skills but ronaldo does only skills but smoetimes he dribbles ;)

Who is the best Soccer Player other than Pele or Maradona?

Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel messi is the better one

Who is better Messi or Steven Gerrad?

Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Pele, MAradona whos mesi again?

Who is better in football messi or c ronaldo?

of course Ronaldo because he was player of the before messi

Who is better at football christiano ronaldo or stevan Gerrard?

stevan gerrard

Who is the best football player Pele or maradona?

Pele. He was the most complete footballer, and a great athlete. Pele on any given day. He is the God of football. In fact I find that cruyff is better than Maradona. Maradona scored an amazing goal I agree, but replicated by Messi. Pele has scored a similar goal as well. Then Pele is a much better team player as well.