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Q: Who was believed to play tricks on humans at night?
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Do wolves ever act sly or play tricks on humans?

No it is quiet impossible for a wolf to act sly or play tricks on a human, although cunning the wolf can't use any source of trickery and or slyness.

Why do you feel afraid at night?

You get scared at night because you get very tired so your brain doesn't process as much so your eyes will play tricks on you. Don't think your syco if your eyes play tricks on me it happens to me all the time it's perfectly natural

When was shakespeares play twelfth night written?

Some (like the Signet Classic Series) suggest that Shakespeare wrote the play Twelfth Night in 1599-1600. It is believed by others (like the Riverside Shakespeare) that Shakespeare wrote the play Twelfth Night (or What You Will) from 1601-1602.

Dose a leprechaun have any powers?

yes leprechaun have lots of powers to play tricks on humans and so they don't get caught for playing tricks, they also have power to disappear in a second so you can't catch them, you have to be very fast to catch a leprechaun for it is very hard.

What do you think of friends who play tricks on each other?

There are things that unites people. For this group of friends it could be that they are united because of the tricks they play. If you stop the tricks the friendship may likely end.

Where did nick bottom live in midsummer night dream?

Like all the humans in the play, he lived in Athens.

How do I make the sentence Should people play tricks on others singular and possessive?

Should people play tricks on others?No, a person's tricks on others are often unkind. (singular possessive)No, people's tricks on others are often unkind. (plural possessive)

Why do your girlfriend play tricks on you?

i think cause she likes me and just play"in!!

Who is a man who play tricks with cards?

A Magician

What type of games can you play with your dog?

The types games you can play with your dog is fetch,tricks and how to play.

What has the midsummer got to do with the midsummer nights dream?

The play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare takes place around the time of the summer solstice, also known as Midsummer. The themes of love, magic, and the supernatural in the play are often associated with the folklore and celebration of Midsummer in European traditions. The setting of the play during Midsummer allows for fantastical events and mischievous adventures to unfold.

A god who liked to play mean tricks?