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Walter Payton.

Caito's comment concerned Walter's powerful muscles in his gluteus maximus (butt) which were the source of the power in his lower body.

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Q: Who was able to set NFL rushing records because of his big butt according to Chicago Bears trainer Frank Caito?
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Who is the Chicago Bears all time rushing yards?

The Bears all time rushing leader is Walter Payton with 16726 yards.

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The most rushing touchdowns in a single game by an individual player is 6, by Ernie Nevers of the Chicago Cardinals in 1929.The most rushing touchdowns in a single game by a team is 9, achieved twice in the 1922 season, once by Rock Island and once by Racine.

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All-time rushing yards (16,726; now surpassed), Most 100-yard rushing games (77), and Most yards gained rushing in a game (275; now surpassed).

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On October 7, 1984, Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton broke the NFLâ??s all-time rushing record set by Clevelandâ??s Jim Brown in 1965. Walter Payton's career rushing record is 12,400 yards, 88 more than Jim Brown.

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Michael Vick

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6 by Ernie Nevers of the Chicago Cardinals