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Patrick Ewing.

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Q: Who was a better basketball player Charles barkley or Patrick ewing?
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Who is better Reggie Miller or Charles Barkley?

Reggie, way better at offense, Charles, master of defense. I say Reggie is way better shooter amazing at 3's.

Who is better than Charles Barkley?

Unfortuneately, I will say Malone can, will and STILL beat Barkley down low. There is also those impressive jump shots. A "prime" Shaq will kill anyone. I also think that Russell, Erving, Abdul-Jabbar, and Chamberlain could have their way with Barkley. No offense to Sir Charles, good player, but these guys were better. (In my opinion)

Who is a better power forward Karl Malone or Charles Barkley?

Charles Barkley. He was a more complete player cuz he had good range (3 point), could post up well, and was a great rebounder/defender. For a foward, he was a really good ballhandler and was strong. Much more skill than Karl Malone.

Who is a better player Kobe Bryant or James Lebron?

Lebron James. Duh! Come on people have you not seen Kobe Bryant in the clutch? He is hurrible. He wouldn't be able to hit a last second shot with Charles barkley on him and Charles barkley is old, washed up, and very out of shape. Lebron all day. I'm out! Peace

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Basketball is a better sport

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Basketball is way, way better!

Why are there dots on a basketball?

For gripping the basketball better.

Is basketball better than golf?

Basketball -

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Spongebob is better than Patrick because he is smarter and has more comedy

How to be a better shooter in basketball?

You need to practice a lot if you want to become a better shooter in basketball.

What one is better baseball or basketball?

Basketball it has more action

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national basketball.

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Who is better Patrick O'Bryant or Kobe Bryant?

Patrick O'Bryant - No question about it!

Who is the better player Rob Blake or Patrick Marleau?

Patrick Marleau

Who is better Mike Richter or Patrick Roy?

Statistically, Patrick Roy.

What makes you a better basketball player?

Practicing and knowing your opponents weaknesses can make you a better basketball player.

What makes a basketball player better?

Practicing and knowing your opponents weaknesses can make you a better basketball player.