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Bill Tilden won the Wimbledon Gentlemen's Singles championship in 1920, 1921, and 1930 and won the Wimbledon Gentlemen's Doubles championship with Frank Hunter in 1927.

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Q: Who was Wimbledon's singles champion three times and doubles champion in 1927?
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What are the three types of competition in tennis?

Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

What are rules in racquetball?

· two players (singles) · three players (cutthroat) · four players (doubles)

How many tennis players are needed for a game of Canadian doubles?

Canadian doubles requires three players. This is two-on-one competition. In other words, this is doubles vs. singles. One side of the court has two players and the other side of the court has one player. The doubles players' boundaries is the singles court and the singles player's boundaries is the doubles court. Three sets are played and each player must play singles in at least one set. This is tennis with a twist, but the typical tennis rules and guidelines are enforced.

Who won Women's Singles Wimbledon Title in the year 1995?

The Wimbledon Ladies' Singles Champion in 1995 was Steffi Graf of Germany. She defeated Arantxa Sanchez Vicario in three sets to win the title.

How many grand slam titles has Serena Williams won?

As of the 2008 Wimbledon tournament, eight singles titles and six doubles titles. Australian - three singles (2003, 2005, 2007) and two doubles (2001, 2003)French - one singles (2002) and one doubles (1999)Wimbledon - two singles (2002, 2003) and two doubles (2000, 2002)US Open - two singles (1999, 2002) and one doubles (1999)Including this recent Wimbledon, Serena Williams has won 11 Grand Slam singles titles.

How many Olympic gold medals has Venus Williams won?

Three, two doubles and one singles. 10

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When did table tennis originate in china?

There have been many, some of them are- * Cai Zhenhua , 5 times world champion (3 times in team, twice in doubles), later became the head coach who led the Chinese team to over 10 years of domination since mid 1990s. * Cao Yanhua , most dominating female player in Chinese history, won 7 world champions (3 times team champion, 2 times singles champion and 2 times doubles champion) and lost only one match to foreign players in 4 WTTCs. * Deng Yaping , twice Olympic singles and doubles champion (1992 & 1996), thrice world champion, thrice world doubles champion. * Ding Song (), the first one to revolutionize the defensive style with powerful counterattacks to an insane degree. * Guo Yuehua , noted for extremely powerful forehand even without the use of speedglue; twice a world championship finalist and a back-to-back world champion * Jiang Jialiang Known for service return, and one of only players to successfully defend his title as World Champion (1985 & 1987). * Kong Linghui The third grand slam winner in 2000, 1995 World champion, 2001 World runner-up, 1996 Olympic doubles gold medalist, 2000 Olympic doubles silver medalist, 2000 Olympic singles gold medalist, 1995 World Cup winner, 2002 World Cup runner-up. * Wang Liqin 2001, 2005 and 2007 World champion, 2000 Olympic doubles gold medalist, 2004 Olympic bronze medalist, 2001 World Cup Finalist. At the final of the 2007 World Championships he trailed his Chinese compatriot, Ma Lin, by three games to one and in the fifth game he was 1-7 in arrears. Wang Liqin recovered and won the contest in seven games to retain his title. SOURCE- WIKIPEDIA

How many Champion League Cups did Manchester United win?

They have only won three champion's league.

How many times did man you win the champion league?

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Who was the three time US Open champion?

Ivan Lendl

Who is the last UK men's singles Wimbledon champion?

As of May 2011, Fred Perry is the last British male to win the Wimbledon Singles Championship, his last of three Wimbledon crowns was in 1936, when he beat the German ace, Gottfried von Cramm 6-1,6-1,6-0.

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