Who was William g morgans family?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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his parents were Nancy Chatfeild ang his father was George Henry morgan his parents were born in 1848 and they died in 1932 william was the oldsest of his sliblings

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Q: Who was William g morgans family?
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William G Morgan [inventor of volleyball] married, Mary King, the young lady who played the piano accompaniment for the group of student at the school he attended.

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In Holyoke, Mass. By William G. Morgan in 1895! He combined the basics of Baseball, Tennis, Basketball, and Handball. He then got a tennis net and raised it 6 feet 6 inches just above a mans head. It was originally called "mintonette" but then a man from Morgans family said they were "Volleying" the ball back and forth... Then they changed it to Volleyball!

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