Who was Washington favorite soldier?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Who was Washington favorite soldier?
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When George Washington become a soldier?

He Became A Soldier in 1754

When did George Washington become a soldier?

He Became A Soldier in 1754

Did Alexander the great have a favorite soldier?


What did George Washington do as a soldier?

He was in a pickle

When not serving as a soldier Washington was a?

President :3

What George Washington did before president?

he was a soldier

Who was the first soldier to become a President?

George Washington

Did George Washington have enemies?

As a soldier and a statesman he certainly did.

Did George Washington assassinate a french soldier?

No, George Washington did not assassinate a French soldier. Throughout his military career and presidency, there is no historical evidence to suggest that Washington was involved in any acts of assassination.

Which jamaican national hero was a soldier?

Norman Washington Manley

Who taught George Washington to be a soldier?

It was George Washington's older brother Lawrence that taught him the basics of soldiering.

What was George Washington favorite pet parrot's name?

George Washington's favorite pet parrot's name was Polly.