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I got this from a Stephanie McMahon fan site:

The wedding party for Stephanie and Triple H consisted of Shane McMahon, William Regal, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Undertaker, Paul's brother in law, Marissa McMahon (who is due to have her first baby in February), Taker's wife Sara and some long time friends of Stephanie's.

The following people were at the wedding. Chris Benoit & Nancy (Woman), Stone Cold and his new lady, Killer Kowalski and his lady, Sgt. Slaughter, Michael Hayes, The Prichard's, Jim Ross & Wife, Big Show & wife Tess, Fatu, Earl Hebner, Booker T, Moolah (Lillian), Mae Young, Miyako Blassie, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Arnie Skaaland & wife Betty, Mick Foley, Tim White, Howard Finkel & his wife, Arn Anderson and Bradshaw. Also many from the Office were in attendance.

Triple H

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Q: Who was Triple H best man at his wedding?
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