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Probably Jack Johnson, he was his best friend.

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Q: Who was Sidney Crosby's roommate at Shattuck - St. Mary's school?
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Where did Sidney Crosby go to school?

Shattuck St Mary prep school in Minnesota

What elementary school did Sidney Crosby attend?

He attended Shattuck St. Mary's School in 2002-03 season.

Did Sidney Crosby go to high school in nova scotia?

he went to high school at harrison trimble high school in moncton new brunswick, after he left shattuck-saint Mary's in minnesota.

Does Sidney Crosby have any siblings?

one, her name is Taylor and she goes to school as a freshman at shattuck st marys in faribault,mn

What did Sidney Crosby do to become successful?

He started to play hockey when he was 2 and it went on from there. When he was 14, he played for the the Dartmouth Subways and later on, he attended the Shattuck-Saint Mary's Boarding School to join the hockey team there. Unfortunately, the school was in Minnesota so he had to be away from his family.

Is Sidney Crosby Scottish?

Sidney Crosby did not go to University, so he didn't graduate. But, if you want to know which High School he went to, he went in Nova Scotia. ....... he went to shattuck St marys in Minnesota...

When was Sidney Stringer School created?

Sidney Stringer School was created in 1970.

What is the motto of Sidney Stringer School?

Sidney Stringer School's motto is 'Believe - Achieve - Succeed'.

When was Sidney Lanier High School created?

Sidney Lanier High School was created in 1929.

When was Sidney High School - Ohio - created?

Sidney High School - Ohio - was created in 1872.

When was Sidney D. Miller Middle School created?

Sidney D. Miller Middle School was created in 1922.

What school did Sidney Crosby go to?

Sidney Crosby attended high school at Harrison Trimble High School in Moncton, New Brunswick. He graduated in 2005.