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Q: Who was Patrick Kane's idol as a kid?
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Is Patrick Kanes real name Patrick Kane?


What is Patrick Kanes home town?

Patrick Kane is from Buffalo, NY

What is Patrick Kanes middle name?

Patrick Kane's full name is Patrick Timothy Kane.

What is Patrick Kanes nickname?

His name is kaner and lil boo's, the doctor

Is there a kid American idol?

No, you must be 15 to try out for American idol. There is no kid version.

Who was Patrick roy's idol?

terry sawchuck

Does pia toscano have a kid?

yes, she said on Idol that she has one kid and she's deaf

How tall is Benjamin Kanes?

Benjamin Kanes is 5' 10".

Does Patrick from b5 have a girlfriend?

Patrick is single, but he DOES however have a crush on South African American Idol singer, Jody Williams.

Does Patrick stump have a kid?

No,he dosent.

Who is Kanes best WWE friend or?

kanes best freind is his mom

What was Patrick Henry's Education?

Patrick Henry got little education as a kid.