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Patriot tight ends over the last twenty years:

2009: Ben Watson, Chris Baker, Michael Matthews
2008: Ben Watson, Dave Thomas, Tyson DeVree, Stephen Spach
2007: Ben Watson, Dave Thomas, Kyle Brady, Stephen Spach, Marcellus Rivers
2006: Daniel Graham, Ben Watson, Dave Thomas
2005: Daniel Graham, Ben Watson, Christian Fauria
2004: Daniel Graham, Ben Watson, Christian Fauria, Jed Weaver
2003: Daniel Graham, Christian Fauria, Fred Baxter, Brian Kinchen, Sean McDermott
2002: Daniel Graham, Christian Fauria, Cam Cleeland, Fred Baxter
2001: Jermaine Wiggins, Rod Rutledge
2000: Jermaine Wiggins, Rod Rutledge, Chris Eitzmann, Eric Bjornson
1999: Ben Coates, Rod Rutledge, Mike Bartrum (TE/C)
1998: Ben Coates, Rod Rutledge, Mike Bartrum (TE/C), Lovett Purnell
1997: Ben Coates, Mike Bartrum (TE/C), Lovett Purnell
1996: Ben Coates, Mike Bartrum (TE/C), Lovett Purnell, John Burke (TE/WR)
1995: Ben Coates, David Frish, Andre President, John Burke (TE/WR)
1994: Ben Coates, John Burke (TE/WR)
1993: Ben Coates, Marv Cook, Rich Griffith
1992: Ben Coates, Marv Cook
1991: Ben Coates, Marv Cook
1990: Marv Cook, Zeke Mowatt, Lin Dawson, Eric Sievers

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Q: Who was New England Patriots last five tight ends?
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