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Mickey Mantle was married to Merlyn Louise Johnson.

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Q: Who was Mickey Mantle's wife?
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Who was Mickey mantles grandfather?

Pappy Mantle.

What is a mickey mantle baseball card?

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How heavy was mickey mantles bat?

33 oz.

What did Mickey Mantles father do for job?

He was a coal miner.

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What is mickey mantles nick name?

The Mick, The Commerce Comet.

What baseball legend was asked to help Mickey Mantles strike out problem?

Ty Cobb

How much is a signed lithograph by Dvorak of Mickey Mantle worth with Mantles signature?

5 dollars at the max

Who caught mickey mantles 500th home run?

Lou De Filippo . Not sure of the last name spelling.

How did Mickey Mantle meet his wife?

Mickey Mantle's wife was from his hometown. They supposedly only married because his dad wanted Mickey to marry her.

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Did Mickey Mantle have a child?

Yes. Mickey Mantle and his wife Merlyn had four sons.

Do you think bryce Harper is going to break mickey mantle's longest home run record in baseball?

let him make it to the majors before he breaks mantles record

What is Mickey Mantles home stadium name?

Yankees Stadium IMickey Mantle played his entire career with the New York Yankees, and home field was Yankees Stadium

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Who are Mickey Mantle's children?

Mickey Mantle and his wife Merlyn had 4 sons. They are Mickey Jr., David, Billy and Danny. Billy passed away in 1994 as did Mickey Jr. in 2000.