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Maria Bueno won Wimbledon 3 times. Maria Sharapova won only once.

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Q: Who was Maria who won three Wimbledon singles championships?
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Wimbledon female singles champs who is a three-time champ first name Maria?

Maria Bueno. She one in 1959, 1960 & 1964.

When did Althea Gibson win Wimbledon?

Althea Gibson won the Ladies Singles championship at Wimbledon in 1957 and 1958. She also won three Ladies Doubles championships at Wimbledon, partnering with Angela Buxton to win in 1956, Darlene Hard to win in 1957, and Maria Bueno to win in 1958. I bet she was like the best tennis butt kicker ever in the world of tennis butt kicking

How many Grand Slams did John McEnroe win in his singles career?

John McEnroe won seven Grad Slam singles titles. He won four Wimbledon championships and three U.S. Open titles.

Who won the Wimbledon singles championships three times?

According to the Wimbledon website (refer to the link, below), as of June 4, 2009, a number of men and women tennis players have won the Wimbledon singles championships exactly three times, as listed, below, in reverse date order (i.e., latest first): Ladies 3-time Wimbledon champions: * M.E.A. Bueno * M.C. Connolly * H.N. Wills * D.K. Douglass * C.R. CooperMens 3-time Wimbledon champions: * B.F. Becker * J.P. McEnroe * J.D. Newcombe * F.J. Perry * W.T. Tilden * A.W. Gore * W. Baddeley

Who won the Wimbledon men's singles title in 1966?

Manuel Santana defeated Dennis Ralston in three sets to win the 1966 Wimbledon Gentleman's Singles title.

Who was US tennis player who won three Wimbledon singles championships?

Pete Sampras won 7 times John McEnroe won 3 times Bill Tilden won 3 times

How many wimbledon titles did Boris Becker win?

Three singles titles

Who was Wimbledon's singles champion three times and doubles champion in 1927?

Bill Tilden won the Wimbledon Gentlemen's Singles championship in 1920, 1921, and 1930 and won the Wimbledon Gentlemen's Doubles championship with Frank Hunter in 1927.

Who won Women's Singles Wimbledon Title in the year 1995?

The Wimbledon Ladies' Singles Champion in 1995 was Steffi Graf of Germany. She defeated Arantxa Sanchez Vicario in three sets to win the title.

Who is the last UK men's singles Wimbledon champion?

As of May 2011, Fred Perry is the last British male to win the Wimbledon Singles Championship, his last of three Wimbledon crowns was in 1936, when he beat the German ace, Gottfried von Cramm 6-1,6-1,6-0.

Who was the first woman tennis player?

Maria Ester Audion Bueno, won the title of being first women player (14 years) for her country, Brazil, started playing tennis at early age and without any formal training won her first tournament at the age of 12. She was also the first non-American women to capture Wimbledon and U.S Championships. In her career, she won the singles titles at Wimbledon three times and U.S. Championships for the four times She also won twelve Grand Slam championships as a double player with six different partners. Again in 1960, she became the first women to win the women's doubles title at all four Grand Slam tournament in a year.

Who won the French Open and Wimbledon singles title back to back?

Three men have won the French Open and Wimbledon titles back to back: Bjorn Borg, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

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