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Eric cantona

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Q: Who was Man utd captain 1996?
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Who was man utd captain during the 1996 season?

ben dover and his wife was ilean dover

Man utd first captain?

Man Utd first ever Captain is Harry Stafford (1896/1903)

Who is the captain of man utd?

Nemanja Vidic

Did paul ince captain man utd?


Who is man utd vice captain?

Ryan Giggs.

Who is the captain of Manchester United?

the current captain of Man Utd is Nemanja Vidic

Who won the premership in 1996?

man utd

Who is the captain for Mancester united?

Man Utd is Nemanja Vidic

Who was captain of man utd in during1968 season?

Bobby Charlton

Who was captain for man utd on 01-02-2010?

Peter Mandelson

Who won champions league title 1996?

Man utd

Who woz a man utd captain but never played for England?

Steve Bruce.

Who was the fa cup winner 1996?

Man Utd, who beat Liverpool 1-0.

Which team is older man utd or man city?

man utd

Which club is bigger man city or man utd?

Man utd

What team knocked man utd out of the league cup?

the clubs that utd got beat in the league cup are chelsea 1-0 man utd liverpool 3-1 man utd man utd 0-1 everton man city 1-1 man utd extra time 2-1 to city arsenal 1-0 man utd newcatsle utd 2-0 man utd man utd 1-4 arsenal semi final man utd lose 4-2 on arrigate chelsea 2-1 man utd west ham 4-0 man utd

Are the happy mondays fans of man utd or man city?

Man utd

What were man utd called before they were man utd?

Man Utd was called Newton Health Before Manchester united

What was Man utd score today?

2-0 to man utd

Who scored the winning goal for man you 1996 fa cup final?

Eric Cantona, for Man Utd against Liverpool.

Who is man utd capitan?

The Man U captain is Gary Neville- but he's always injured so usually it's Rio Ferdinand!!

How many times has man utd beat man city?

man utd are way better than man city man utd have beat man city 5

Who won man city or man utd?

Man city won 6-1 man utd.......

What year did Ferguson join man utd?

He joined Man Utd in 1986.

In which year did Newcastle beat man utd 5-0?

the match was played on 21 October 1996