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captain zico was the first captain of Liverpool

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Q: Who was Liverpool's first English captin?
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Who is liverpools captain?

Steven Gerrard is Liverpool football clubs captin .In his absence Jamie Carragher captains them.In both there absence Mascarano captians Liverpool.

What date liverpools first game 2011 2012 season?


What type of sailor was henery Hudson?

english sea captin

Who is Liverpools number 9?

Liverpool's no.9 is English striker and drug enthusiast Andrew (Andy) Carrol

What is Liverpools dominant language?

The dominant language in Liverpool is English, but "Scouse" is a dialect commonly used by Liverpudlians.

Who scored Liverpools first goal in the 2006 FA-cup final?

Djibril Cissé

Who was Captin John smith?

John Smith is the founder of Jamestown, the first English settlement in North America. He founded Jamestown on May 24, 1607.

What is captin cooks first name?

James Cook

What is Liverpools dialect?


What ship did the flag pole on liverpools kop come from on liverpools spion kop?

Great Eeastern Great Eeastern

Who was Liverpools 1989 fa cup winning captain?

Liverpools 1989 fa cup winning captain was Ronnie Whelan.

What does the captin do?

The captin is the leader of everyone!