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Kobe has been with the lakers from the start.

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Q: Who was Kobe bryants first team he played with?
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What was Kobe bryants first nba team?

The New Orleans Hornets

Who is better Demi Lovato or Kobe Bryant?

Demi Lovato! No question.BTW, don't you mean Kobe bryants? I mean, isn't that a basketball team?

What was the first team kobe bryant played on?

the Charlotte hornets

What the first team Kobe Bryant played for?

Charlotte Hornets ( New Orleans Hornets) in 1996

Which was the first team that Kobe Bryant played for?

The only team he played for in his career is the Los Angeles Lakers, and he's been in the NBA since 1996.

What was Kobe Bryant's first team?


What was the first NBA team Kobe Bryant ever played for?

The only team he played for in his career is the Los Angeles Lakers, and he's been in the NBA since 1996.

What is the first team of Kobe Bryant?

Kobe was drafted #13 overall in 1996 by the Charlotte Hornets

How many times has Kobe byant played for team US?


What NBA team did Kobe Bryant's dad play on?

He played for the Lakers.

When did Kobe star on the lakers?

1996,was when Kobe Bryant was drafted into the lakers and he hasn't played on any other team since.

What basketball team did Kobe Bryan play for?

It is most likely Kobe Bryant played all his N.B.A games for the Lakers.

What was the first NBA team did Kobe play for?

New Orleans Hornets

Who played on Kobe Bryant team?

currently Andrew Bynum, Pou Gasol, Shannon Brown, Derek Fisher, Ron Artest, and Lamar Odem are an "Kobe's"( the Lakers) team.

What team did Kobe join first?

Charlotte Hornets (New Orleans Hornets)

What is Kobe Bryants yearly salary?

Kobe Bryant is the forward for THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS basketball team. he makes 18 million dollars a year. im the same guy who answered the how much did shaquil oneal weigh at birth? question. HOPE THIS ANSWERED YOUR QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. IF IT DID ANSWER YOUR QUESTION YOUR WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IF IT DIDNT I AM SORRY

Who did 1992 dream team play in the first round?

kobe bryant and the boston celtics

Did Kobe Bryant make the all stars team his first year in the NBA?

No, he did not make the team during his rookie season.

Who is the next Michael Jordan is it lebron James or Kobe Bryant?

Lebron is better than Kobe,but Kobe got three rings. Lebron carries his team, while Kobe has way more talent on his team. rember Kobe still hasn't one a championship without Shaq on his team.

Did Kobe Bryant ever join any olympic games?

Kobe played with the United States men's basketball team, winning a gold medal, at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

Did Kobe Bryant ever play professionally for the Charlotte hornets?

No the only team he had played for is the Los Angeles Lakers.

Who does Patrick mboma play for?

Patrick Mboma retired in 2005. The final team he played for was Vissel Kobe in Japan.

Who was the first player from the losing team to win the All-Star game MVP award?

Kobe dumazz

Who is better Allen I. or Kobe?

Kobe is better at leading his team, but A.I. got better handles. So really Kobe.

What is Kobe Bryant's roll?

To lead the team