Who was John o Sullivan?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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He was a newspaper editor who came up with the idea of manifest destiny

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Q: Who was John o Sullivan?
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Who lead Manifest destiny?

John L O' Sullivan

Who discovered wireless internet?

australian man john o sullivan

What is john o Sullivan's quote about?

Manifest Destiny: expansion west.

Why is john o' Sullivan important?

he is important because invented the belief manifest.

When did John Sullivan die?

John Sullivan died in 1795.

When was John Jeremiah Sullivan born?

John Jeremiah Sullivan was born in 1974.

When did John C. Sullivan die?

John C. Sullivan died in 1830.

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John Sullivan House was created in 1764.

When did John B. Sullivan die?

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When was John B. Sullivan born?

John B. Sullivan was born in 1897.

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