Who was Joe Gilliam?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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Joe Gilliam was a quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1972-1975. Joe was the starting quarterback for the Steelers in 1974 for the first 6 games, before being replaced by Terry Bradshaw.

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Q: Who was Joe Gilliam?
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How tall is Joe Gilliam?

Joe Gilliam is 6' 2".

What is the birth name of Joe Gilliam?

Joe Gilliam's birth name is Joseph Wiley Gilliam Jr..

What number did Joe Gilliam wear for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Joe Gilliam wore #17 for the Steelers.

When was Joe Gilliam born?

Joe Gilliam was born on December 29, 1950, in Charleston, West Virginia, USA.

Does joe gilliam have a Super Bowl ring?

Former Pittsburgh Steeler Quarterback Joe Gilliam has two Super Bowl Rings. Gilliam was part of the 1974 and 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Championship teams.

What was Joe Gilliam football jersey number?


What were Joe Gilliam's stats for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl?

Joe Gilliam was a member of the Steelers teams that won Super Bowls IX and X. He did not play in either game.

Did Joe Gilliam play in the Super Bowl for the Pittsburgh Steelers?


How many games did Joe Gilliam win in 1975 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Joe Gilliam did not start a game in 1975 and had no record. He played in a total of four games for the Steelers during that season.

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers first colored quarterback?

Joe Gilliam in 1972.

Was there a black quarterback for The Steelers before Bradshaw?

Joe Gilliam actually started when Terry Bradshaw was sat down (or injured). Gilliam died of an overdose.

When did Stu Gilliam die?

Joe Gilliam died on December 25, 2000, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA of heart attack.