Who was Joe Frazier's trainer?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Yancey Durham

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Q: Who was Joe Frazier's trainer?
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How did Thrilla in Manila boxing match end?

at the end of the 14th round, Eddie futch, fraziers trainer stopped the fight.

What was Ali's weight and joe Fraziers weight in the third fight?

Ali 224 and a half Frazier 215 and a half

When was Joe Trainer born?

Joe Trainer was born on 1968-03-06.

When did Joe Wright - greyhound trainer - die?

Joe Wright - greyhound trainer - died in 1923.

When was Joe Wright - greyhound trainer - born?

Joe Wright - greyhound trainer - was born in 1855.

Does any of joe fraziers children box?

Marvis fought Larry Holmes and Mike Tyson, and daughter Jacqui fought Muhammad Ali's daughter Laila.

What is nia fraziers kik?


What gym does Joe Jonas go to?

He has a personal trainer(:

What nicknames did Joe Weider go by?

Joe Weider went by The Master Blaster, and Trainer of Champions.

What actors and actresses appeared in Joe Frazier vs. Jimmy Ellis - 1970?

The cast of Joe Frazier vs. Jimmy Ellis - 1970 includes: Angelo Dundee as Himself - Trainer Yank Durham as Himself - Trainer Joe Frazier as himself

When is nia fraziers birthday?

June 20, 2001. You can view it in lifetime video's from season 1

What is Joe Defranco famous for?

Joe DeFranco is famous as being a professional strength and conditional trainer. He is known for training professional athletes as well as celebrities.