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The following is taken from the Salem (Ohio) High School Alumni letter of Summer-Fall 2008.

[Fred (FE)] Cope was a track star at Salem [Ohio] and Mount Union College. Although he just missed qualifying for the Olympics, he was chosen as an alternate. In 1936, he was a trainer for the U.S. Olympic Team and shared a room during the games in Berlin with Jesse Owens, who won four gold medals. Cope was a revered track official in Ohio and a beloved coach and long-time athletic director at Salem High School. He was a Salem School employee for 42 years serving as a teacher and coach before being appointed athletic director.

And from The Salem News (Salem Ohio) article: SHS Athletic Hall of Fame honors five September 5, 2008 - By KEVIN HOWELL

[FE] Cope narrowly missed making the 1932 U.S. Olympic Team which competed in Los Angeles. He was, however, chosen as an alternate. In 1936, Cope was selected as a trainer for the Olympic Team which competed in Berlin, Germany. There, his roommate was four-time gold-medalist Jesse Owens, with whom he became life-long friends.

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Q: Who was Jesse Owens roommate at the 1936 Olympic Games?
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