Who was Gloria Copeland first husband?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Who was Gloria Copeland first husband?
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When was Gloria Copeland born?

Gloria Copeland was born on September 14, 1845 Gloria Copeland was born on September 14, 1845

Who was kellie copeland's first husband?

Kellie Copeland's first husband was Doyle Blaine Ward. Her second husband was Alan Win Kutz, Jr., and her third husband and current husband is Stephen Lowell Swisher.

Kelly copeland swisher?

She is formerly Kellie Copeland Kutz, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland's daughter.

Is Gloria Copeland Kenneth Copeland's third wife?

no i dont think so

Did Gloria Copeland have a stroke?

She had several strokes

Is Terri Copeland Pearson's mother named Sandra Copeland?

nope, Gloria copeland. Terri's birth mother's name is Sandy and Gloria is her stepmother. Relationships between all the familes are warm and healthy ones. Terri's biography can be found on her Web site Terri Copeland

Who is terri copelands mother?

Terri Copeland Pearson's MotherTerri Copeland Pearson's mother is Gloria Copeland. Her birth mother is a lady named Sandra.

Who was Kenneth Copeland's second wife?

Kenneth Copeland's second wife is Gloria Copeland. They got married in 1963 and have worked together in their ministry for many years.

What actors and actresses appeared in Kenneth Copeland - 1985?

The cast of Kenneth Copeland - 1985 includes: Billye Brim Gloria Copeland Kenneth Copeland Gloria Copeland as herself Gloria Copeland as Herself - Host Kenneth Copeland as himself Benjamin Dane as Dad (Closer Walk - 2002) Jesse Duplantis as himself Rick Herod as Father 1997- 1999 Silvia Manning as Vanessa (2000-) George Pearsons as himself Oral Roberts as himself Jerry Savelle Jerry Savelle as Himself - Guest Hilton Sutton as himself

How can Gloria copeland's date of birth be 1845. shouldn't it read 1945?


Who are Kenneth Copeland's kids?

He has three children; Terri Copeland Pearsons, Kellie Copeland, and John Copeland. Terri Copeland Pearsons who is the eldest daughter, and her husband, George Pearsons, serve as pastors of Eagle Mountain International Church.

Who was Kenneth Copeland's first wife?

Kenneth's only wife is Gloria. It seems to me that you should find something else to do except trying to destroy other peoples lives. Actually Kenneth Copeland was married to another woman before he married Gloria do some research. However, whatever happened before ones conversion and salvation is forgiven by Jesus. Having said that it is fair game to be interested in the lives of pubic religious figures. They put themselves on Television and in the public eye.