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Q: Who was England Rugby captain before Martin Johnson?
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Who was the last player to captain England before david beckham?

Martin Keown

Who was the England football captain before Tony Adams?

Adams was preceded by Paul Ince, and succeeded by David Beckham as England Captain (though Martin Keown had one game as captain between Adams' last game and Beckham's first game as Captain)

Who was England's captain before Will Carling?

Rob Andrew

Who was England rugby captain before borthwick?

steve brothwick

Who captained England before beckham?

Martin Keown

Who was the England rugby captain before Steve borthwick?

Lawrence Dallagio

Where Bryan donahue from boys like girls is from what town and what bands martin Johnson was in before boys like girls?

Bryan donahue is from Boston martin Johnson is another story.

How many games had Glen Johnson played with England before the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Glen Johnson had played 52 times for England before the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

What did Martin Johnson do before he joined boys like girls?

He was in previous bands such as Lancaster.

Was david beck ham the second captain for England?

No. There were several captains before him

Who was captain of the England cricket team before nasser Hussein?

mike atherton

Where did Captain Cook live before he died?

Cleveland in the North Riding of Yorkshire in Northeast England