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Jeter is the starting shortstop for the New York Yankees.

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Q: Who was Derek Jeter and what does he do for a living?
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Is Derek Jeter's sister still living?

He has one sister 5 years younger than him, her name is Sharlee. She was a softball star in High School.

What is the birth name of Derek Jeter?

Derek Jeter's birth name is Derek Sanderson Jeter.

What is Derek jeter's real name?

Derek Jeter

Does Derek Jeter have a baby?

No, Derek Jeter does not have a baby.

What is Derek Jeter's real name?

Derek Jeter

Is Gary Jeter Derek Jeter's brother?

No. Derek Jeter doesn't have any brothers.

Who was Derek Jeter married to?

On July 9, 2016, Derek Jeter married Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Hannah Davis in a private ceremony in Napa Valley, California. The New York Yankees great, who retired after the 2014 season, had been involved with Davis since 2012.