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who was aston villas manager when they won the european cup in 1982

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Q: Who was Aston villa manager when they won the European cup 1982?
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When did Aston Villa win the European Cup?

In 1982.

Who won the football European cup 1982?

Aston Villa

Which year did Aston villa win the European cup?

1982. Aston Villa 1-0 Bayern Munich. Peter Withe scored.

Was Ron Saunders manager of Aston Villa in 1982?

No, Ron was sacked in 1981 and just missed HIS team win the European Cup in the following year of 1982. Ron Saunders produced the best EVER team the Villa ever had.

Have Aston villa won the European cup?

Yes they have in 1982. aston villa beat bayern munich 1-0 in rotterdam. peter withe scored the goal.

What year did Aston villa win European cup?

1982, when they beat Bayern Munich 1-0 in the final.

Who scored the goal in 1982 European cup final Aston villa against burugh munic?

Peter Withe

Who scored Aston villas winning goal in the European cup 1982?

Peter Withe scored the winner for Villa against Bayern Munich in that cup final.

The Aston villa badge?

The new Aston Villa badge was launched at the end of the 2006/07 season and features the heraldic emblem "a lion rampant", the club motto "Prepared", the abbreviated name of the club, "AVFC" and a single white star to represent their European Cup win of 1982.

What team won the UEFA Champions League in 1982?

The team that won the UEFA Champions League in 1982 was Aston Villa.

Who was in the Aston villa winning side in the 81-82 European cup final?

Aston Villa's team-sheet in the 1982 European Cup final - which they won by a goal to nil against Bayern Munich - read as follows: Jimmy Rimmer * Kenny Swain Gary Williams Allan Evansw Ken McNaught Dennis Mortimer Des Bremner Gary Shaw Peter Withe Gordon Cowans Tony Morley Manager: Tony Barton *Jimmy Rimmer was substituted off after ten minutes, and replaced by Nigel Spink.

How many times has Aston Villa won the Champions League?

once against bayern munchen in 1982 in Rotterdam

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