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Sergio Perez - Sauber F1 Team

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Q: Who was 3rd in the 2012 F1 Canadian Grand Prix?
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Who was on the podium for the Canadian F1 Grand Prix?

1st Jenson Button 2nd Sebastian Vettel 3rd Mark Webber

Who was on the podium for the Canadian Formula One Grand Prix?

1st Jenson Button 2nd Sebastian Vettel 3rd Mark Webber

When did Francis bradley win the Canadian grand prix?

He didn't. Best finish - 3rd. Sep 29/62. Source...His son...Glenn.

Who won the Indian grand prix title 2012?

If you are on about the 2012 F1 Indian GP then it was won by Sebastian Vettel. Fernando Alonso claimed 2nd and Mark Webber came 3rd.

Who won the Australian grand prix in 2012?

If you are on about the 2012 Formula 1 Australian GP then it was won by Jenson Button. Sebastian Vettel came in second and ALewis Hamilton came in 3rd.

Who won the formula 1 Canadian grand prix in 2012?

Lewis Hamilton won the 2010 Canadian Grand Prix. He started the race on pole position after he finished fastest during qualifying. He continued the form and finished in 1st position. However Robert kubica had the fastest lap of the race.

Who are the grand prix de Monaco winners?

1st M.Webber. 2nd S.Vettel. 3rd R.Kubica

When was Lewis Hamilton's first Formula 1 race?

Lewis Hamilton made his debut in the 2007 Formula one racing season as a member of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team alongside double world champion Fernando Alonso. Lewis's first win came in the Canadian Grand Prix where he lead from Pole position after qualifying to win the race. Apart from this he also won the United States GP, Hungarian GP and the Japanese GP that year.

How many grand prix had Jordan completed in?

The Jordan F1 team or Jordan Grand Prix as they were called competed in F1 racing since 1991 United States GP till the 2005 Chinese Grand Prix. They have competed in a total of 250 races and have won 4 of these races. Their best finish in the constructor's championship was 3rd in the year 1999.

How do you get star cup in mariokart wii?

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How do you remove the 3rd brake light assembly on a 2003 Grand Prix?

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