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A Sabre is a sword.

Cavalry used to use them in battle, now ceremonial,

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Q: Who uses a Sabre?
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Which Olympic sport uses a 'sabre' weapon?

That would be Sabre fencing.

Which sport uses a foil and a Sabre?


What kind of lacrosse stick does kyle harrison use?

He uses a STX Proton and a STX Sabre shaft.

What is a sabre?

A sabre is a light sword.

What is a sabre-toothed cat?

A sabre-toothed cat is another name for the sabre-toothed tiger.

What sport uses a foil and Sabre?

They are two of the three types of weapons used in fencing, the other being the epee.

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Who makes Sabre televisions?

Sabre is the name of the company that makes Sabre televisions. The company makes these televisions exclusively for the military.

What is a Sabre sword?

Sabre is a one edge bladed sword.

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Sabre, like Sabre toothed tigers

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